Boone residents see spike in property tax assessments


BOONE – Property tax assessments in the City of Boone have increased over the last several years.

The recent spike isn’t sitting so well with homeowners. 

“Over the last two years it has gone up two hundred dollars and over the last four years it has gone up about four hundred dollars,” said Amy Dennis. 

Local 5 spoke with several homeowners who oppose the hike because they don’t believe the city is investing that money the right way.

“Things are being done to improve Boone, yet our property taxes are going up”, said one resident. 

Other residents are paying about 3-thousand dollars a year and have thought about downsizing or even moving out of Boone. 

“I am on a pension and Social Security it is a limited income,” said Roseland Stone. 

According to the County assessor, there is no way around the hikes because the city needs money to operate. 

“If they don’t have the dollars to operate we will see a cut in services,” said Paul Overton. “Where do the public want to got services at? Do they want fewer police? Do they want fewer teachers?”

Local 5 found that there will most likely be another hike for the upcoming year. However, the County assessor says his doors are open and residents can appeal their rates.  

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