Bump stock prohibition is now in full effect


After a mass shooting that took the lives of 58 concert goers in Las Vegas almost two years ago, the U.S. Justice Department decided to ban semi-automatic rifle attachments known as bump stocks. That prohibition is now in full effect. Major Todd Wieck of the Woodbury County Sheriff’s office, explained a general overview of the law. 

“There’s a federal ban. They’re illegal to be in possession of, so don’t get caught in possession of one of them. Go to the ATF website or call their office to find out how to dispose of it,” said Wieck. 

According to the ATF website, to properly destroy the firearm device, you must crush, melt or shred the bump stock until it can no longer be used. 

Chase Cejka, the owner of American Brothers in Arms, said bump stocks weren’t very popular in the gun community, to begin with, but people began buying them once talk of banning them began.

“It’s not that as effective as an item. It doesn’t really work that well but people were buying them in hopes that they would grandfather them in.” said Cejka.

Cejka also said the gun community is more concerned about how the ban became to pass. He said the gun community is worried about their role in federal decision making. 

“The gun community is more worried about future legislation. What can they do? Because there really wasn’t any vote, and they didn’t really ask anybody. They pretty much outright banned the use of them and they’re providing no compensation,” said Cejka. 

According to the Justice Department, all bump stocks should be destroyed or turned in to the nearest ATF Field office immediately. The penalty can be up to 10 years in prison.

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