Cancer Patient Cherishing Moments on RAGBRAI


FORT DODGE, Iowa — There are so many people who ride RAGBRAI while overcoming obstacles in their own life.

A 33-year-old father from Chicago is on the journey, cherishing every moment he has with his family on this ride.

“I have a brain tumor,” says John Mahoney. ” I was diagnosed three years ago after having a seizure at the office.”

In his third RAGBRAI, Mahoney has a new mission. He’s riding to celebrate life with his wife and 11-month-old son.  They don’t know what the future holds after surgery, chemo and radiation, butt they know how to enjoy what they have.

“As you can probably imagine, having a brain tumor is pretty stressful,” says Mahoney. “And I find that on the bicycle it all melts away. I’m hoping that through pulling my son and riding with my wife and my father that we’ll show people that life goes on, and it goes on positively.”

Mahoney says 98 percent of people with his condition don’t make it. But, he’s determined to live whatever years he’s given to the fullest and RAGBRAI plays a big part in that.

“You know, after you have a brain tumor or a cancer diagnosis, life become a bit simpler in a way,” says Mahoney. “You don’t need the biggest house, you don’t need a flashiest car, you just need survival.”

Sort of like the philosophy on the ride: One leg at a time, mile by mile, with help and encouragement from thousands of supporters.

Mahoney rides with the Livestrong team to spread awareness about all types of cancer and life after cancer.

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