Cannabis oil used as cancer treatment


INDIANOLA – Cannabis oil used as healing treatment for cancer survivor. 

A cancer survivor says her road to recovery was far from easy. A stroke and an accidental aspirin overdose were just part of the fight for her life. Eventually Beth Dennis beat the disease and says it’s all thanks to cannabis oil.

“When you are first diagnosed you are scared, you are upset,” said Indianola native, Beth Dennis. “I cried all day long. I really hesitated about telling my kids.”

Having seen her mother die of cancer, Beth Dennis was willing to try anything to survive.

“Then you say, well I am going to stay around because I am only 50-years-old. I was too young to go. So I wanted to do anything I could to stay here.”

One thing she tried was cannabis oil. Back in May 2017, former Governor Terry Branstad passed a bill legalizing medical marijuana and cannabis oil for Iowans suffering with a variety of medical problems.

“To me its medicine. It is not a drug.”

Beth began taking a high THC cannabis oil three times a day. She says it relieved her pain tremendously and got her off prescription drugs. This, and a strict diet gave her the good news she never thought she’d hear. 

“I didn’t expect when I started taking this stuff that less than three months later I would take a scan and they would would say your cancer is gone.”

Now Beth is raising money to start a clinic, so she can help other cancer patients fight the way she did.

“I think I have proved that it is medicine and it helps and it could help a lot of people.”

If you want to take part in Beth’s project or have a story similar to hers she encourages you to reach out to her on Facebook.

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