Community bands together to help family dealing with tragedy


The Kellen family lost three members Friday. Patrick Kellen, Samantha Clark, and Tyler Douvia, died when their plane crashed in a field in Guthrie County. Marty Pippett realized something had to be done.

“They still had harvest to get done,” Pippett said. “And the community here rallied together and decided to help out the Kellen family to get harvest done so they could take the time they need to be with their family”

Pippett made the phone calls that brought out nearly 40 people and a lot of equipment.

Six combines and at least 16 semi-trucks were out at the Kellens’ fields Tuesday as the Le Mars farming community came together to support the family after this terrible tragedy.

Pippett says the Kellens made an impact on a lot of people, so the volunteers were returning the favor.

“The Kellen family contributes to this community incredibly,” he said. “And I think that every single person that’s been here has been impacted by the Kellens in some way shape or form.”

Deejay Kellen was Patrick and Tyler’s uncle, He says he is thankful for the support his family has received.

“It’s just been amazing, not only here helping out, but at home helping out. And it’s just been amazing support from the friends and family,” Deejay said.

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