EXCLUSIVE: Video shows home exploding during fire


DES MOINES – Officials say a home in the Drake Neighborhood is a total loss after an overnight fire. 

Neighbors describe giant flames shooting out from the home. It happened at 1113 37th Street. Exclusive video from a neighbor’s security camera shows the blaze. 

“I went to the window in the hallway to see what was happening and saw the house in a fireball. It was up to the roof, completely engulfed in flames,” said Sheila Oglesbee. 

Neighbors say three people live in the home, a grandma, her son, and grandson. They’re a Bosnian family that have lived there for some time. 

“I come out to look and about that same time they were bringing the lady out to put her in the ambulance. I didn’t know if she was alive or dead,” said Kenneth Scheel. 

Fire crews rescued the elderly woman from the home. Her grandson made it out okay. Both were taken to the hospital. 

“I don’t really know them very well, but I know that he keeps a very nice yard. I know they’re out doing gardening often, they’re very nice people,” said Oglesbee. 

While Des Moines Police and Fire continue to investigate the cause of the fire, Oglesbee is still shocked it happened so close to home. 

“I have never seen anything like that in my life time. The flames were so high and there was so much fire! I mean it was pretty much all across the house from what I could see all the way up the roof to the trees,” said Oglesbee. 

The elderly woman that was taken to Methodist was transferred to a hospital in Iowa City for her burns. Her condition is unknown.

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