Fireworks startup already booming in business


URBANDALE – Fireworks could soon be legal in Iowa if the governor signs a new bill into law. A start up company is making sure Iowans are not scammed by national companies if it is passed. 

Iowa Fireworks Company is founded by two brothers who love fireworks but they are worried this new law will spark opportunities for national companies to come in and take all the profits for themselves.So, they came up with a way to make sure Iowans get the prize. 

The business will be owned and managed by the brothers but they plan to let community members run the tent. Non-profits will be able to pick a date and volunteer their time to sell the fireworks. That organization will get a percentage of the sales from that day which will go toward their specific cause. 

“We work with our other businesses with non-profits and one of the biggest things they struggle with is raising money,” explained Jeremiah Terhark. 

Terhark understands there are concerns about fire safety so he is also working with local governments to come up with the safest ways to sell the fireworks. 

“We’ve been reaching out to the different planning and zoning committees around the state as well as the state’s fire marshals to make sure we have everything organized and proactive with our safety plans,” said Terhark.

If the governor signs the bill into law The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall has agreed to host firework sales. 

“We want to inspire non-profits to have fundraisers and do things. And I think Iowa Fireworks company had a good game plan and business model to try to add to that,” said Dave Briddle, vice president of The Brass Armadillo. 

According to Terhark, the new law would allow them to start selling fireworks on June 13 but you would not be allowed to spark them until July first when the bill officially goes into law. The governor has shown favor for the bill and is expected to sign it. 


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