GOP leaders address hot topics at Indianola town hall


INDIANOLA – Iowa’s senior citizens got to take their concerns straight to their leaders on Tuesday.

Congressman David Young and Senator Chuck Grassley took questions. Some hot topics were Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, health care, social security, border security and tariffs for farmers.

Senator Grassley says he knows soybean farmers are worried about their futures, but he says there’s light at the end of the tunnel as the President works on trade deals with Canada, Mexico, and South Korea. 

He also talked about the farm bill. Grassley says they’re ironing out final details but Congress can’t agree on work requirements for food stamp recipients 

“I can’t be for it because we can never get 60 votes in the United States Senate to get a bill requiring food stamp recipients to work so until the House backs down,” said Grassley. “I don’t think we are going to have a five year farm bill by early December than we are going to have to extent the 2014 farm bill for one more year.”

Both the Senate and the House have passed separate pieces of legislation. But Congress must merge the two and pass a unified agreement in order to renew funding. 

Videos are flowing around the world of a caravan of thousands of migrants moving from Central America.  President Trump has accused Democrats of funding the whole thing. 

Senator Grassley says he isn’t sure that’s the case and had this to say about the situation: “I have no proof of that and I wouldn’t want to say that, but I think if it would be a Democrat fabrication to bring it about it is going to backfire. Coming this soon to the midterm elections it highlights and verifies everything that trump wants to do of having a wall and I think it would work to the democrats if they planned it.”

Efforts to reach a compromise in congress on immigration reform stalled after President Trump refused to back a bill that didn’t include radical reductions to the current legal immigration system. 

The most recent polls in this race show Representative Young and Democratic challenger Cindy Axne in a close race. Axne says if elected she’ll fight business as usual on capitol hill with a 7-point plan that 
Includes not accepting corporate PAC money, improving government transparency and ending abuse of congressional perks.

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