Grand View gets ELL teaching grant


DES MOINES- Grand View University has received a $2.75 million teaching grant to help train English Language Learner instructors.

The university announced they are setting up special training with six school districts around the metro to help teachers with those student’s unique needs. The grant and the programs that come with it is one of Grand View’s many ways that they’re giving back to the community.

“Given the density and the number of English learners we have in Marshalltown, it can be overwhelming for our new teachers when 40 to 50 depending of the school do not have an understanding of standard English”, said Marshalltown Director of Instruction Lisa Stevenson.

By branching out to the different districts, Grand View is helping to certify more English Language Learner teachers than ever before. Almost 500 teachers will be able to be ELL certified through the programs offered by Grand View.

In addition to teacher endorsements, the grant will be used to provide professional development for students at Grand View who are working and learning to become teachers. Families of ELL students will also be taught how to support their child even if English isn’t their first language.

Grand View says the first batch of ELL certified teachers will start working this spring.


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