Growing tomatoes in Brad’s Backyard Garden


Tomatoes are probably the most popular plant you will find in the gardens of central Iowa. Even non-gardeners will grow a plant or two in the backyard or in a pot on the patio because there is nothing better than home-grown tomatoes!

So, what are the best tips to growing big, healthy and delicious tomatoes?

The best thing you can do is provide them with as much sunlight as possible. Keep them all far apart and don’t crowd them. And when you plant them you bury most of the stem. This is because the “hairs” on the stems can become roots when planted.

Something else to consider is that when you are planting transplants, don’t plant spindly, poorly-grown plants. They will take longer to develop good roots.

Also you want to make sure the minerals in your soil are balanced. A lack of calcium can cause blossom end rot, and too much nitrogen blocks calcium uptake.

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