ISU students react to the cold temperatures


AMES – Classes are canceled on Iowa State’s campus, but there are still plenty of activities going on. Local Five’s Angelina Salcedo is in Ames Wednesday where a group of students are chosing to take it easy. 

“I’m glad that class is canceled because it would not have been okay for everyone to be walking, commuting,” said ISU sophomore Emma Vogeler. 

Sophomore Britton Mishak said “I thought it was just going to be like okay like they’re being dramatic, yeah but no it’s freezing.” 

Out of class and in the warmth, Iowa State students are taking advantage of the two days off. Whether their catching up on homework or some of their favorite shows, they can all agree being inside is the way to go. 

“I think it’s definitely a smart move with everyone commuting and bus stops and everything, it’s just hard to get around,” said Maddie, a sophomore student who has a long walk to class everyday. 

The university made the decision to close before the arctic blast hit. Students say that although they don’t enjoy skipping classes, if the school did not cancel, then there is a possibility many classes would have been skipped Wednesday. 

Classes are set to be back to normal starting Thursday at noon. 

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