Judge to make written ruling in Sandyville dog abuse..


MARION COUNTY- A judge will issue a written ruling in regards to the 19 Sandyville dogs taken from Warren County earlier this month. 

Lindsey Morrow says she wants to keep two of the 19 dogs found in multiple homes in Warren County.

Morrow’s disposition hearing spilled into a second day in Marion County court.

Morrow’s 21-year-old daughter, Amanda, took the stand to explain that her brother Trey has Autism and needs his dogs back. Bill Kutmus and Trever Hook say that those two dogs, Lola and Zeus, are therapeutic to Morrow’s son and are healthy pets.

“Trey talks to dogs like they’re people,” said Amanda Shuff. 

Lindsey Morrow also took the stand, but plead the fifth to every question the prosecution asked during rebuttal. Assistant Warren County Attorney Alex Crabb asked an array of questions, such as if Morrow had bought the critically-ill Bloodhound as a therapy dog and if she told her daughter to cry on stand. 

In closing arguments, the prosecution re-examined the photographic evidence and poor conditions the dogs were kept in. 

“The kennels were covered in feces, in food and filth. This is not adequate shelter for these dogs under any circumstances,” said Crabb.

The defense stood their ground explaining Zeus and Lola should be returned to Morrow because they were well cared for and treated like pets.

“What I think is important is we have two different groups of dogs. We can categorize 17 of them as rescues that were thrust on Ms. Marrow from people who had other dogs in danger,” said Trever Hook. 

The Warren County judge closed the hearing by saying he will make a written ruling at a later date. 

Attorneys speculated the ruling could be days away. 

Morrow is currently being held in the Warren County Jail on multiple felony charges, including ongoing criminal conduct and theft. 

The 19 dogs are currently being housed at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and Iowa Veterinary Referral Center. One of the dogs is considered critically ill and had to have an ear amputated. 


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