Local group works on serving our troops


JOHNSTON – Having a child in the military isn’t easy, so Iowa’s Blue Star Moms are finding a way to show love to those overseas. 

“When I joined I don’t know that I truly understood the comradery that you would have because these are all moms that have children serving” said Maxine Christensen. 

Christensen joined the Blue Star Moms 8 years ago and has been with them ever since. Some of their children are home, others are overseas. So the moms have found a way to send them a little piece of home during the holiday season. 

“We started partnering with the Blue Star Mothers about 5 years ago or so for care packages,” said the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum Director Sherrie Colbert.

Each box is made with care and addressed to their son, daughter, or anyone serving. Inside the boxes are toiletries, food, candy, and a homemade Christmas card made by the mothers. 

“I think it’s just about care, appreciation, and most of all love. We should show people that we love them and care about them and the sacrifice that they’re making. We’re all with our families during the holidays and they’re not, but we can give them a little bit of home during that time,” said Colbert.

Just like they support each of the troops, the moms will continue to keep one another close. 

“You know, once you’re a Blue Star Mom you’re always a Blue Star Mom. I’ll be a Blue Star Mom for the rest of my life,” said Christensen. 

Donations of any kind can be made by November 3rd. They can be dropped off at the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum in Johnston. The boxes will be packed up and shipped off in early November.

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