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"Honey, I'm home": Soldier surprises family with emotional homecoming

GRIMES - Cathy Tieszen has seen all the viral videos of soldiers returning home to their families. 

But she didn't expect to be the one being surprised when her husband returned from his deployment in Afghanistan. 

But to create the surprise, Col. Paul Tieszen needed the help of friends and family alike. 

"This is something I wanted to do because of her fascination with these videos," Col. Tieszen said.

The plan: Catchy attends what she thinks is a gymnastics show for her granddaughter in Grimes. 

"She thinks my niece is putting on a show so she is there, and she would go there pretty much every Wednesday for her practices," said Erica Shouldeen, Cathy's daughter. "It's not anything out of the norm, so she shouldn't be expecting anything."


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