1 month after rescue, more than 100 animals still missing from roadside zoo

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a contempt motion against Cricket Hollow Zoo to find the missing animals.

MANCHESTER, Iowa — A contempt motion filed Thursday against Cricket Hollow Zoo and its owners is seeking to find the whereabouts of over 100 animals that weren’t located during the court-ordered rescue.

According to a press release from the Animal Legal Defense Fund, an Iowa judge ordered the roadside zoo and its owners to relinquish all of the animals at the Manchester zoo.

The animals were left in “deplorable” conditions, according to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

When rescuers arrived on Dec. 9, they found that many of them were missing. The Animal Legal Defense Fund says more than 100 animals weren’t accounted for during the initial rescue.

The missing animals included five grizzly bears, two mountain lions, one camel, one wolf hybrid, a fennec fox, opossums, coatimundis, several species of birds, snakes and reptiles, and more.

In total, rescue teams found over 400 animals ranging from mice to bears during the initial rescue. If you know any information about

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