13-year-old charged with attempted murder in Scott County

Local News

ELDRIDGE — A 13-year-old Iowa boy’s trial started today. He’s accused of bringing a gun to school last August and pulling the trigger in the classroom.

He’s facing three charges: assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, carrying a weapon on school grounds and attempted murder.

Local 5 is choosing not to give the boy’s name or show his face due to his age. He was 12 years old when he brought the gun to his North Scott Junior High School in Eldridge.

Police say he pointed the gun at a teacher. The gun had 11 bullets in the magazine and one in the chamber.

The boy pulled the trigger but did not turn off the safety, preventing the gun from being fired. A teacher then disarmed him.

In court today, prosecution called up their witnesses, which included the school resource officer and at least two students. One 13-year-old classmate saw the boy looking up guns while using a computer provided by the school.

The trial resumes Friday morning.

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