5OYS: How did a student get on the roof of a Des Moines middle school?

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DES MOINES — Local 5 has asked Des Moines Public Schools for additional information about how a student at Brody Middle School was able to get to the school’s roof and jump off earlier this week.

The student was able to open a window in an empty classroom, remove the screen and crawl to the rooftop, according to the district.

The district says they’ll be reviewing safety expectations with students, but will keep building windows unsealed for safety reasons.

“[Wednesday] after classes were dismissed, a single Brody student gained access to the roof and jumped from the roof onto a grassy area,” principal Thomas Hoffman wrote in an email to parents this week. “A parent was already at Brody for pickup and was therefore immediately on the scene. Emergency responders were called. The student was responsive and left with a parent in an ambulance.”

Local 5’s Rachel Droze has more.

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