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5OYS: What to look out for when booking summer vacations

CEDAR RAPIDS - As summer approaches, it's easy to lose focus, but that's when scammers are at their height.

One fraud prevention company reports that travel fraud rose by 16 percent last year, thanks to new booking technologies. An expert with the Better Business Bureau said that people can protect themselves from becoming a target just by being aware.

First, before you click on a vacation deal, do your research. Take a look at the company, its background, and what other similar offers are out there. Also, be aware if you get an email offering free cruises or airline travel. You need to make sure that company is legitimate.

"When you're clicking through the internet, make sure you're getting an https address," said Bobby Hansen with the Better Business Bureau. "The 's' means secure, and there will also be a lock, like a padlock, in place."

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