A Johnston Bus Driver facing an assault charge and a theft in Polk City are part of your Top 5.

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A Johnston Bus Driver has been charged with an assault after an incident with a special needs student, a plane catches on fire at a Florida airport, Polk City Police are looking for some city property stolen from the Public Works building, China ends its “One Child” Policy, and the Governor’s plan to have an out of state company take over Iowa’s Medicaid program hits a hurdle.

A metro bus driver is facing an assault charge after his physical confrontation with a special needs student Thursday. Police say the incident began when 61-Year-Old Robert Scarbrough told the student to move to his assigned seat.

They two exchange words before Scarbrough pushed him to the bus floor. Students on the bus recorded the incident, and told a deputy what happened at the next bus stop.

More than a dozen people have been injured after a Dynamic Airlines flight caught fire while taxiing for takeoff in Fort Lauderdale.

Investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong.

Polk City Police say someone broke into the Public Works building Wednesday night stealing two F350 trucks and tools. Both vehicles have city logos on their side, but police believe thieves may be stripping them down to sell off parts.

The government of China has effectively ended its “One Child” policy put in place more than two decades ago. The country faces an aging workplace and economic slowdown.

And finally, Governor Branstad’s plan to have an out of state company take over Iowa’s Medicaid program may have hit a hurdle.

Former Iowa lawmaker Renee Schulte is currently on trial on accusations she used inside, confidential information to help get one of those companies selected to take over the program.

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