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Agency providing resources to Iowa GOP Senate

DES MOINES - A new human resources initiative is underway at the statehouse after a lawsuit concerning the harassment environment made headlines last month.

Sen. Bill Dix, the Senate Republican Majority Leader, sent a message to Gov. Kim Reynolds on Wednesday, telling her that his office will be contracting with the Department of Administrative Services to enter "into a contractual relationship....to provide human resources services to the Iowa Senate..."

A fellow Republican senator has called for Dix to step down from his leadership position after the lawsuit was resolved. The state has to pay millions to Kirsten Anderson, a former employee who won the suit.

"...harassment of all types will not be tolerated in the Iowa Senate," said Dix. "It will be a safe working environment. Action was immediately taken to investigate issues which arose during the recent trial and had not been investigated and that process is ongoing."

Dix said he will not be stepping down from his position. No staffers have been fired yet.

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