Altoona business reacts to allegations against ex-cop

Local News

ALTOONA – Local businesses in town are concerned after a former Altoona police officer was charged with multiple felonies.

Sugar Shack is a diner right down the street from the police department. And for the last 35 years it’s been the go to food joint in the city. 

“It”s a 50s 60s diner, and It’s kind of a dying breed there aren’t a lot of them around anymore,” said Mark Poulos.

Inside the family-owned restaurant you’ll meet Mark Poulos. When he isn’t busy running the diner, he’s out doing neighborhood events.

“When you give back to the community, the community is good about supporting you locally.”

Throughout the years, he’s built relationships with several officers from the Altoona Police Department.

“Community night out where the police and fire department are out with us giving out ice cream.”

But after learning an ex-officer is facing a slew of charges, Mark worries about what this could mean for his city.

“For him to be an officer in our community and having access to our children and if he is trafficking drugs to our children, it’s wrong.”

Mark says the police department bends over backwards trying to bridge the gap between cops and everyday people. He hopes everyone remembers all the good they do and not just this glaring incident. 

“And to be given a black eye by that by one person. For all the hard work that they have done over the past few years and the previous administration that we’ve had it takes it back 10 years who knows how far it takes it back and who has he affected in this community.”

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