Ames High School serves student moldy muffin

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AMES — An Ames High School student found an unpleasant surprise in her school breakfast Thursday morning.

This is the moldy muffin she was served in the school cafeteria.

“It made me feel unsafe, it’s very unsanitary,” said Destinee Sabbs, who was given the muffin. “I didn’t like that. The school is so big on food safety and they gave me moldy food for breakfast.”

Thankfully, Destinee’s friends noticed before the muffin was eaten.

“Destinee was about to bite her muffin when my friend was like, ‘your muffin has mold all over it’,” Destinee’s friend Amber Phillips said.

Ames Community School District declined to go on camera or issue a statement about Thursday’s incident, but they did tell Local 5 that all the muffins were checked once the issue was brought to the school’s attention. No other moldy muffins were found.

Local 5 asked the district spokesman if moldy food has been found in school cafeterias in the past. He said he couldn’t say if it has or has not happened previously, but said it’s not something that regularly happens.

Every year, Ames High School and schools across Iowa are inspected for health code violations.

According to the state’s website, no violations were found at Ames High School during the last three inspections.

You can check the inspection reports for your child’s school here.

Below is a document that spells out what inspectors look for:

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