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Ames school officials address possible threats

Parents up in arms; school district says threats 'not credible'

AMES - Parents in Ames are up in arms about possible threats toward their kids.

The Ames Community School District addressed rumors Wednesday about the possible threats from a student at Ames Middle School. School officials say there is nothing to worry about because nothing really happed.

Still, after learning about a possible threat situation at Ames Middle School, some parents want more action from the school district, while others say the incident was blown out of proportion.

Melissa Rodriguez's daughter is a student at Ames Middle School. Rodriguez's daughter told her that kids at her school were accusing a classmate of threatening others earlier this week

"My daughter said it kind of started a couple days ago," Rodriguez said. "[The rumors] went from them to other students, to other students and each time it passed on, the story grew."

Conversations about the supposed incident have been blowing up on social media, with many parents voicing their anger and frustration on Facebook.

"Some of the parents were taking their students out of school demanding that this child be expelled before their kids would come back and it just mushroomed," Rodriguez said.

The Ames Community School District is trying to put the rumors to an end.

"There's a space between what people are hearing and what reality is," said Eric Smidt, the Director of School, Community and Media Relations for the Ames Community School District.

The school district is not giving any details about what exactly happened. But Smidt says school officials have talked to the student involved and believe everyone is safe.

"Based on our investigation, there was no threat per say," Smidt said. "Now, whether students were saying things back and forth to each other, that does happen, that happens at every school."

The school district sent out an email to parents Wednesday, assuring them that they have looked into the issue.

"All incidents of threats or bullying are handled immediately, they're taken very seriously," Smidt said.

The Ames Police Department is also involved, but say they are not taking any action.

"There's certainly cases that come up from time to time where there is a criminal act that has occurred and it's appropriate to file those juvenile referrals get people into the system," said Cmdr. Geoff Huff with the Ames Police Department. "There doesn't appear to be any criminal component to it."

Rodriguez wants fellow parents to listen to the authorities -- and to stop paying attention to rumors.

"We have to kind of put our faith in the school systems and teachers and the principals that are there," Rodriguez said.

The Ames Community School District is currently working with parents and students to get them any resources they may need. Those resources include counseling services for students at Ames Middle School.

The school district has not said if the student involved in this case will be facing any disciplinary action.

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