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Bus changes could be coming in Ames

Parents expressed concerns about delays, drop-offs, and a lack of communication

AMES - For the first time in more than a decade, the Ames School District is considering bringing its bus service back in house. This comes after the school year has started off with several concerns about bus routes, delays and an overall lack of communication by the current busing company.

"We know they're safe on the bus, but we're struggling with making sure they're getting on the bus and getting off at the right location," said Sue Lawler, the principal at Sawyer Elementary School in Ames.

That concern has been magnified for Kyle Woollet.

"We can't just say, 'you guys are done.' We don't have the ability to bring in someone right now and start new. It'll be even worse," said Dr. Timothy Taylor, Ames Schools superintendent.

It's why parents like Woollet are taking matters into their own hands, and skipping the bus rides and taking the kids to school themselves.

"I will go and watch her get on the bus, leave work and make sure she's on the correct bus, and make sure it's the correct number," said Woollet.

Taylor has recommended that the board begins a feasibility study soon to see if it's worth replacing Durham. He says even if it costs more it may be worth it to alleviate some of the headaches they've had with the current system.

We reached out to Durham for comment, but the company did not return our calls.

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