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ANKENY- How do you get kids to become lifelong readers? It’s a question nearly every teacher strives to answer. And Ankeny 4th grade teacher Megan Schmelzer thinks she has the answer. That’s why she wins the One Classroom at a Time Educational Grant for the month of February.

Reading is a big part of the day in Mr’s Schmelzer’s classroom at Southeast Elementary. And this dedicated teacher says variety is the key to keeping their interest, adding “My biggest passion about being a teacher is just making sure they are always in rich texts. And that means staying up on the new authors staying up on the new books, so every year it seems a huge portion of my paycheck and my budget goes to books.”

Many districts across Iowa are facing tighter budgets, with less funding from the state that they had hoped for. That means there is less money for extras, like more books in the classroom.

Mrs. Schmelzer wants to use her $1000 to buy nearly 100 new texts that align with the new Common Core Standards. Her list included books her students are excited to dig into, and she says she’s just as excited. “My hope for them is that they always love to learn. And they always know that whatever they want to achieve they can do it, if they have the education and they have the ability to read and learn.”

Local 5 and Bankers Trust would like to congratulate Mrs. Schmelzer and the Ankeny School District. The school also wins a cultural workshop from CultureAll.

You can learn more about the One Classroom at a Time Educational Grant here.

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