ARL caring for dog with severe skin infection

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WARNING: Pictures included this story are graphic

DES MOINES — The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says they are taking care of a dog with a skin infection their emergency team describes as the worst they’ve ever seen.

The skin on Rosie is raw and bleeding, and she has been given strong pain medication to help her as the wounds are treated.

“Every movement, every touch – even a breath of air on her skin made her whimper in pain,” said ARL CEO Tom Colvin. “Her skin was literally sloughing off her body, creating open wounds.”

Rosie (Courtesy: Animal Rescue League of Iowa)

Rosie still has a long road ahead until she is ready for adoption. Donations for her care can be made here.

You can also give in-person or mail donations to: 5452 NE 22nd Street, Des Moines, IA 50313 (RE: Rosie)

Rosie (Courtesy: Animal Rescue League of Iowa)

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