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ARL hosts Easter Egg hunt for dogs

It was the first time they were able to hold the event

DES MOINES - We're still a ways away from the start of summer, but that didn't stop the Animal Rescue League from catering to our four-legged friends.

More than 100 dogs got to do some Easter Egg hunting on Saturday. Many of the eggs were filled with goodies, or coupons at the ARL store. Each team was limited to five eggs, and some picked up on the concept better than others.

"it's really exciting, honestly to just watch everybody interact with each other," said Meg Trumper, the event coordinator for the ARL. "You see the dogs you live with, but unless you're actively taking them out and about, they don't get the chance to see other dogs. So, this chance is really, really cool."

This is the first time the ARL has hosted this event. They tried to do it last year, but it was rained out.

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