ARL receives grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization

Local News

DES MOINES — The Grey Muzzle Organization has given older dogs in Des Moines something to wag about. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa in Des Moines has been announced as one of the recipients of the organization’s annual grants.

Out of 240 applicants, the ARL is one of 62 chosen to receive a grant to help older dogs. Combined, nearly $419,000 is being awarded for helping save or improve the lives of older dogs in communities nationwide. The exact amount of funding the ARL will be receiving has not been announced.

This grant will fund the medical needs for ARL hospice foster dogs and will also provide funding for diagnostics for special needs dogs at the ARL. The goal of the special needs program is to provide dogs (and cats) that have medical issues (such as heart murmur, dry eye, renal, joint, or thyroid issues) with a good quality of life and the opportunity to be adopted into a loving home. The Des Moines community has been very responsive to adopting pets with special needs and the ARL has some of the most amazing foster homes caring for hospice dogs.

In the past 11 years, the national nonprofit Grey Muzzle Organization has awarded nearly $2 million in grants to support its vision of “a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.”

“Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we’re delighted to help deserving organizations like the ARL make a difference in the lives of dogs and people in their communities,” Grey Muzzle’s Executive Director Lisa Lunghofer said. “Many senior dogs in the Des Moines metro are enjoying their golden years in loving homes thanks to the wonderful work of the ARL.”

The dog pictured above is named Gidget. She is 12-years-old and is experiencing renal failure. But she is living life to the fullest in her hospice foster home.

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