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ARL seeing even more animals following floods

The group has seen more in the last week than they saw at the outset

DES MOINES - It's been a very busy few days for the Animal Rescue League, since the flooding that hit Central Iowa on June 30. 

They say they've actually gotten more animals over the past few days than they did at the outset of flooding.

"A lot of them have thought there were going to be able to get back but we are finding out that's it going to be a more lengthy process or there temporary housing isn't allowing pets," said Stephanie Filer, the development director for the Animal Rescue League.

In the last few days, the ARL has seen more than 50 pets come in, seeking shelter. All of the dogs have been relocated, but these cats and this bunny remain under close supervision. At this point, though, the staff isn't sure how long they'll be doing it.

"It's hard to know for planning what we need to expect," said Filer. "Do we look at multi-week planning or do wee look at a couple of days? Because that changes a lot of what we do with the animal to keep them healthy and happy." 

And it's not just these animals they've had to help. They've been able to step up for their owners in the process. 

"It's incredibly rewarding that we can be there for people who really would have to surrender their animal if we couldn't provide this temporary, short-term opportunity for them to get back on their feet and get reunited with their pet instead of having to stay good bye forever," said Filer.

Anyone who need help with their animals should call 211. That's whether you need help with adoption or any animal based needs after the flooding. For more information, check out their website. 

It wasn't just your typical dogs and cats that were brought to the ARL, they also rescued 19 horses and some goldfish. 

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