As applications for second round of farm bailout money come in, Grassley will apply too

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – As a second round of applications becomes available to hundreds of farmers who need bailout money from the federal government, Sen. Chuck Grassley will be applying for the aid as well.

Grassley operates a family farm in Butler County with his son and grandson where he grows soybeans and corn. Like every other farmer, Grassley participates in farm programs for which he is legally eligible, including this program. According to Grassley’s spokesman, “He participates in these programs and every other farm program to go through the same experience and processes that other farmers go through. Sen. Grassley receives no special treatment and is always transparent about his participation. As a family farmer who experiences the same processes with the federal government after downturns like other farmers in Iowa, Sen. Grassley brings firsthand knowledge and experience on behalf of agriculture and rural America to the policymaking tables in Washington.”

The recently announced aid package by USDA allows farmers to sign up for assistance based on set guidelines that are the same for everyone.

Grassley has made clear several times to President Trump that in the long run, farmers want markets, not aid.

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