As elections loom, voters drown in political ads

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DES MOINES – With a week until the election, people are being bombarded by political ads. 

They are annoying and relentless. You see them on TV, your phone and even driving down the street.

There really is nowhere to escape the chaos because even when you get on Facebook candidates pop up there too. It’s all in effort to bring millennials to the polls. 

“If I get a name and address of voters who have voted for a certain political party in the last four years I can take that data file and upload it to Facebook and target those specific people,” said Keith Snow, President of B2E Data Marketing. 

Snow says social media is the best way to reach the younger generation. 

“There’s about 2,500 data elements on every single person in the United States,” he said.

That creates a perfect market for advertisers. Snow says you should think of political ads like you think about the consumer ones. 

“You are going to get the adds anyway, it is your choice to actually click on them and learn more,” he said.

Most can agree, the swarm of candidates is overwhelming. But other Iowans say the pressure is a good reminder of how important your vote really is. 

“I don’t think it’s swaying people one way or another but it’s more of a reminder to say hey get out there, figure it out and vote,” said West Des Moines resident, Emily Walker.

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