Biden: China is “stealing our technology”

Local News

DES MOINES – During his latest swing through Iowa, former Vice President Joe Biden took time to sit down with Local 5 and talked about the need to get out of the trade war we’re in with China.

“China is a bad actor, but it’s not about tariffs on foods. It’s not about tariffs. And in fact, how whether or not we, in fact, have a deficit or a surplus. It’s about what they’re doing. They’re stealing our technology. That’s what they’re doing. They’re using cybersecurity,” said Biden.

Biden noted that he’s spent a lot of time with the leader of China. He said that we need to be clear with China.

“And here’s the deal, we got to make it real clear, we’re going to deal with China the way they deal with us. So if in fact, they’re saying, if you invest in China, you have to give 51% ownership in China. That’s how they steal everything we have. So okay, you want to do that. You can do the same thing here…” said Biden. “Just make sure you deal with the problem. The problem is not farmers, not only in your state, but soybeans in my state, all across America.”

You can watch more of this interview on “This Week in Iowa.”

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