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Birdland-area residents still hopeful after 2008 floods

DES MOINES - The floods of 2008 are still mind-boggling, even ten years later.

The flood water covered 10 square miles of Cedar Rapids. And it forced 10,000 people out of their homes.

The flood extended throughout the entire state.

The waters almost took out an entire Des Moines neighborhood. Homes along Arthur Ave. were flooded by the Des Moines River.

And in the last ten years, people have struggled to get their homes and the community back to the way it was.

However, neighbors and volunteers say the Birdland neighborhood is on the rise.

Charles Kunkel is helping rebuild the Birdland neighborhood.

"It is great to bring this neighborhood back and I feel good when I can give back to my community," he says.

In June 2008, neighbors anxiously hoped their levee would hold. Instead, water burst out and swept the area.

Ten years later, crew and volunteers remain hard at work, rebuilding homes that once stood.

Habitat for Humanity says new infrastructure like these food gates have allowed the neighborhood to redevelop.

An inadequate levee contributed to the massive floodings of the Birdland neighborhood.

Since then, the city of Des Moines has invested millions of dollars to raise and reconfigure the levees.

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