Boil advisory leaves more questions than answers in Creston

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CRESTON – SIRWA Employees are still troubleshooting a faulty filtration system, while neighbors say they have more questions than answers during the inconvenient time. 

“I’m running out of things to put the water in once it’s boiled,” said Creston Resident Julie Madison. 

She was out of town when the advisory was placed. Now, on day four, she’s already adapting to the sudden boil order. 

“You have to catch yourself. You do things by habit. You rinse your toothbrush. You take Tylenol. You have to be careful and catch yourself not to usr that tap. In the bathroom I have a towel wrapped around the faucet so I don’t use it by accident,” said Madison.

The water failure was discovered last Wednesday when employees from the Southern Iowa Rural Water Association noticed a hiccup in the filtration system.

“That let’s microorganisms through so that is why the water advisory was issued,” said SIRWA Manager Dan McIntosh.

Since then, employees are working around the clock to prevent the potentially harmful water from hurting residents like Betty Heslop.

“My family has never had that much money and having to buy water puts more of a strain on us,” said Heslop.

She’s fuming with how the situation is being handled. 

“The local officials need to get their heads out of the clouds and focus more on the problems here,” said Heslop.

As water continues to flow throughout town, it’s still unknown when the ban will be lifted. 

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