Boone County Sheriff: Off-duty jailer who allegedly showed a gun at fairgrounds is in “good standing”

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DES MOINES – An off-duty jailer had his gun confiscated after he allegedly took it out during a fight at the Iowa State Fairgrounds while a popular car show was going on. Now, Local 5 is getting information from his employer.

According to Boone County Sheriff Gregg Elsberry, John McCormick’s job “is currently in good standing.” Elsberry said that McCormick is a civilian Boone County jailer.

No charges have been filed in this case on anybody involved in this incident. Upon reviewing the police reports, Elsberry wrote, “John McCormick’s statements to Sheriff Elsberry about the incident, and a review of the Boone County Jail employee SOP manual, no infractions could be discovered that would negatively impact or jeopardize McCormick’s employment.”

McCormick came and spoke with Sheriff Elsberry, according to this statement, about the incident immediately. Elsberry wrote that several people yelled at the man at the fairgrounds who was allegedly conducting the reckless driving that initiated the incident in question. According to Elsberry, McCormick was punched in the face three times and surrounded by associates of the reckless driver. Elsberry stated that there was a person in the crowd during the time of the incident with a knife.

Elsberry stated at the end of his note that, “At this time, there is no preliminary information or otherwise, regarding this investigation, which has been shared with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office that would jeopardize the employment status of John McCormick.”

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