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Brandon kicks off 5K training program

Fitness Fever is taking over at Local 5.

Brandon Lawrence has decided to train for the Principal 5K Road Race, as a part of the IMT Des Moines Marathon in October.

Brandon kickstarted his training on Wednesday out at Gray's Lake Park in Des Moines.

It'll begin with a little walking and jogging-- and will include basic strength exercises like push-ups and calf-stretches.

Brandon says he decided to the 5K for a new challenge, plus wanted to continue a weight-loss journey that he started back in spring 2017.

"Not every week is going to be perfect and not every day is going to work out perfect, but that's ok. That's ok. You can do it. But if you have just a short amount of time every day to give, you can do it," says Coach Jenny Weber.

Brandon will be working hard over the next few months to prepare for the race.

Our own Amanda Krenz will also be doing some training-- she's working towards running a half marathon.

You can keep track of their progresses on Good Morning Iowa every other Wednesday on Local 5.


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