Break out the sleds: People out enjoying the fresh snow

Local News

DES MOINES — Driving around Friday, we saw all kinds of people who certainly weren’t enjoying the snow. But for a lot of kids and families who didn’t have school, excitement came in two words: snow day.

“It’s here so you can either stay inside and be dreary or get outside and have fun,” John Herman said.

As 2020’s second major storm rolled through central Iowa, some people took it slow while some people went fast.

“We planned it last night. We knew last night we were coming out here. As long as they had the gates open we were going to come sledding,” Herman said.

Young and old were out at Waveland Golf Course. Pets welcome of course. With the metro schools out for the day and it being a Friday, everyone was in a good mood.

“As soon as I see the snow and the weather ramping up in the afternoon, temperatures going up, I was already planning on coming out and hitting the hills,” Lon Bromolson said.

With frigid weather settling in, everybody knew today was the day to get outside.

“It’s what you do in the winter time. When it’s snowing you’ve gotta get outside and enjoy it before it gets negative,” Lon said.

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