City clears trail near Coldwater Golf Links

Local News

AMES – It’s been less than a month since Celia Barquín Arozamena was killed on an Ames golf course and now the city is listening to residents and taking action. 

The man who allegedly killed Celia is Collin Richards, he is a homeless man who lived in a wooded area near Coldwater Golf Links’ 8th and 9th hole. 

“We’re looking at all trails within the system, we look at them all the time,” said the Ames Parks and Facilities Superintendent, Joshua Thompson.

This week the Ames city crews are clearing out brush on the trail near Squaw Creek Drive, cutting down trees, chipping wood, and pushing out any shrubs that are blocking the view.  

“I think it’s awesome that the city is going to take that and go with it. It is a really nice trail and I would like to see it cleaned up and a little bit nicer so people can be a little bit more aware of their surroundings,” said Iowa State Sophomore Tyler Poew.

The trail was blocked off after Celia’s murder, now city officials hope a clear viewing path will make residents feel safer. 

“After the tragedy that happened a couple of weeks ago, we needed to get in there and remove the vegetation off the sides of the trail just so we could open sight lines, increase visibility so we can see through the trees as well as people using the tail can see outside,” said Thompson.

The city says the trail is going to be closed until 3PM for the rest of the week. They’re hoping to get the maintenance done by Friday.

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