Clearing up Norwalk after the first big snow of 2020

Local News

NORWALK — Clayton Garrison hasn’t slept in 36 hours. Friday’s snowfall has kept him and his team at Norwalk Seasonal Services busy, doing the best they can to clear out the snow for anyone who needs it.

Friday’s snowfall came just a matter of days after the weather was nice enough for Norwalk Seasonal Services to take on some unexpected landscaping duties. But that was short-lived.

Now, taking five trucks and a skid loader, he and his team are working day and night to get the job done. Garrison, though without sleep, understands it’s just part of the job.

“It’s kind of like the farmer mentality,” Garrison said. “You know if you’re going to go into this business and you’re actually going to commit to taking care of your customers and providing good service, you kinda have to go into it knowing that you just gotta do whatever it takes.”

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