Clive officials say people and pets should stay out of green water in Walnut Creek

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CLIVE — Green water was a cause for concern for many who live near Walnut Creek in Clive, but city officials now report the water sample collected was “within the allowable range for safe water recreation.”

The water sample was collected earlier this week from Walnut Creek downstream of Country Club Lake.

The sample, according to city officials, had 43,400 cells/ml of cyanobacteria which can produce the cyanotoxin microcystin. The concentration of the microcystin was 2.9 ug/L. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources posts beach advisories for concentration levels greater than 20 ug/L of microcystin, and the EPA’s Health Advisory Level is 8 gu/L.

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However, because the bloom is ongoing and there may be areas where microcystin is more concentrated, Clive officials recommend that people and pets stay out of the discolored water until the algae bloom subsides. City workers have not tested the water in Country Club Lake, which is privately owned and managed.

Clive is sharing the test results with the County Club Home Owners Association, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and the Iowa Department of Public Health.

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