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Close to a solution for South Iowa Water

CRESTON - Parts of southern Iowa are going on seven days without clean drinking water.

People in Creston say it's an inconvenience and the unexpected costs are adding up.

"It's a drinking straw, a very tiny drinking straw," said SIRWA General Manager Dan McIntosh about the membranes.

The membrane filtration system is what led to the water advisory in South Iowa. Now, SIRWA has the new parts to help get the water clean again.

"We got it commissioned last night about ten thirty. We got our clear wells down, so we could get rid of all the bad water, so we got those filled up," McIntosh said.

McIntosh said the water is flowing through the plant again and new water headed out Thursday morning to start flushing out the bad water.

"As soon as we get good water in there were going to start filling our towers that's empty, as soon as that's half full the other one will go out of service. we want to change the towers over to get good water in both towers," said McIntosh.

This is good news, but the people of Creston will still be without water for at least a few more days.
A local nonprofit, imagine the possibilities, is staying positive through the difficult time, saying in a statement: 

"While abrupt changes can always be stressful, we appreciate the effort of our dedicated staff...we want to thank Iowa State Savings Bank, Hy-Vee and Fareway for their generous water donation to help ease the financial burden during this water boil advisory."

McIntosh said everyone should be back with clean water by next week or sooner.

We're hoping we can get the City of Creston cleared by sometime this weekend," said McIntosh.

Most people have heard the new parts have been installed and are hopeful clean water will be running by next week. 

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