Company in charge of Waukee mobile home responds to Congressional letter

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WAUKEE – The company that owns two mobile home parks in Iowa has responded to a letter from two Congressional members on Tuesday.

Havenpark Capital is the name of the company that owns a mobile home park in Waukee and North Liberty. Residents at the Waukee complex have complained to Local 5 that the owners have raised rent by hundreds of dollars in a short period of time. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Dave Loebsack sent Havenpark a list of questions last month about the incidents.

“Havenpark responded today to the inquiry from Senator Warren and Congressman Loebsack where we agreed that affordable housing is among the most pressing issues America faces today.  We are providing a copy of our full letter for the public to review as well,” said managing partners J. Anthony Antonelli and Robison Pratt. “In short, Havenpark agrees there is a place for local, state and federal governments to pass legislation that would truly help the residents of manufactured homes.”

“For example, the proposed legislation creating refundable tax credits for renters paying more than 30 percent of their income for housing are worthy of exploration. As are laws that would give mobile home park residents greater notice of rent increases before they can go into effect. Another proposal would benefit residents by providing federal tax incentives to owners of manufactured home communities if they sell the community directly to the residents,” said Havenpark. “The current laws, rules and regulations likely need to be updated to protect both residents and landowners alike. Havenpark will continue to adhere to all current and future municipal, state, and federal rules regarding the operation of manufactured home communities.”

“We respect that elected leaders have the power to create real solutions. By looking at the affordable housing issue, real improvements are possible. To do that also requires a candid examination of the fiscal realities and costs as well. For example, one must acknowledge that had Havenpark not recently purchased manufactured home communities in Waukee, IA and North Liberty, IA – two of the fastest-growing areas in the region–   they almost assuredly would have been sold to a developer that would have closed those communities – mass-evicting hundreds of residents,” said Havenpark officials in their letter to both Congressional members. “Our overall mission is to secure and preserve affordable housing across the country. We look forward to continuing to invest in our communities to make them attractive, safe, clean places for individuals and families alike. We hope to be of assistance in the discussion and formation of policies and regulations that would preserve existing affordable housing and create more options for affordable housing going forward.”

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