Cristhian Rivera murder trial continued to November

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The trial for the man accused of killing 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts will proceed at a later date following a Friday court order. 

Judge Joel Yates has ordered a hearing on a pending motion to suppress to be continued to August 23, meaning the trial date will be pushed back as well for 25-year-old Cristhian Rivera. 

The defense team for Rivera—Chad and Jennifer Frese of Marshalltown—filed a motion to suppress, alleging law enforcement offered Rivera “promissory leniency”, as well as failing to advise Rivera of or read him his Miranda rights.

Rivera is charged with Murder in the First Degree after Tibbetts was reported missing on July 19, 2018 from the town of Brooklyn while she was out running. Rivera allegedly told police he followed Tibbetts in his car while she was jogging in town, then got out and started running beside her. According to a criminal complaint, Rivera confessed to police that he blacked out and that, sometime after, he remembered Tibbetts’ body was in his car. Rivera told police that he hauled Tibbetts’ body into a cornfield and covered it with stalks. 

In a resistance to the filing, prosecutors say a Spanish-speaking officer led the interview with law enforcement and that DNA tests confirmed Tibbetts’ blood in the trunk of Rivera’s car.

Rivera will go to trial November 12 in Woodbury County.

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