Des Moines 3-year-old does photo shoot with her two obsessions: Target and Frappuccinos

Local News

DES MOINES — Three-year-old Campbell of Des Moines loves two things… Target and Starbucks Frappuccinos.

Conveniently for Campbell, many Target stores have Starbucks stores inside them, including the Ankeny location where Campbell could spend hours if you let her. For her third birthday, Campbell got to do just that.

Belma Dunston has been taking photos of Campbell since she was born, but this photo shoot started a little different when Campbell’s mother Cally asked if they could do a Target and Starbucks theme.

Not only did they make custom “Starbucks & Target are my Happy Places” T-shirts, complete with a custom Starbucks logo on the back that reads “Birthday Girl Campbell,” but Belma had an idea to do the photo shoot at Target/Starbucks store.

“I’ve seen engagement sessions and wedding photos at target but nothing like this,” Belma said.

The employees at both stores were all for it, and by all accounts, Campbell had an amazing third birthday at her two special spots.

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