Despite Poll Numbers, Jeb Bush Says He’s Doing Well in Iowa

Local News

Despite only getting single digits in the polls in Iowa, Jeb says he isn’t worried about Iowa.

Jeb is currently receiving 4 percent of the support of likely Iowa Republican caucus goers, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll.  Even so, Jeb tells Local 5 that he has “great ground game.”

In an interview Wednesday morning, Jeb said the candidates who were winning in the year before the election in Iowa never win, so he isn’t worried.

“These are discerning voters who make up their minds late,” Jeb said.

The campaign says it’s spending $600,000 in New Hampshire and Boston on its most recent ad buy, but Jeb says that doesn’t mean he’s giving up on Iowa. 

“We’re working hard in all places, they’re unique.  Some require television advertisements, some organization,” he said.

But he couldn’t give a clear answer for how much time he’ll be spending in Iowa versus New Hampshire.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what my schedule is, but I plan to be back quite a bit,” he said. “I’ve learned to outsource all the logistics of my campaign, I don’t try to micro manage it, because I’ve got to be the best candidate I can be.”

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