Downtown skywalk security group claims they’re understaffed, Skywalk Association responds

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DES MOINES — Police say a young couple on their way home from a night out were brutally attacked by a group of juveniles in a downtown Des Moines skywalk.

The incident happened around 9 p.m. Saturday in a skywalk above 5th Street and Grand Avenue.

Local 5’s Eva Andersen sat down with the president of the security group that patrols the area.

President of the Skywalk Association Cheryl Moore sent this statement on Tuesday:

“The Des Moines Skywalk Association is tasked with providing security services throughout the skywalk system. This is accomplished through the services of a professional security firm that coordinates those efforts with the Des Moines Police Department. The requirements for maximizing the level of security that skywalk users have enjoyed is constantly changing. The changes can be temporary when, for example, there are events that bring unusual numbers of visitors into downtown. The changes can also be longer term as new buildings are built that are near or attached to the skywalk, or uses of existing buildings change. The Association regularly reviews reports of incidents and receives recommendations regarding security staffing needs. The Association members and their employees are all users of the skywalk system, so there is no lack of commitment to keeping the skywalk safe and secure. The Association is aware of the recent incident that occurred in the skywalk that remains under criminal investigation by the Des Moines Police Department. We expect to gain additional details as that investigation continues. Those additional details will be evaluated as a part of the Association’s on-going efforts to keep the skywalk safe. Skywalk users are encouraged to say something to security personnel if suspicious activity is observed. If violence is witnessed or threatened, users should dial 911 to summon law enforcement.”

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