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Dozens left without A/C after Adel campground loses power

We're getting answers for a viewer.
Local 5 got a call to our newsroom saying a campground was out of power, and they couldn't get any help.
They're staying at the KOA Kampground in Adel, just off Highway 6.

"It's a hundred degrees out here, and there is no way to get out of it when we don't have power." 
This family-owned campground has lost power not once, but twice this holiday weekend.
Five hours Friday afternoon and another three hours on Sunday evening-- when temperatures got up to 98 degrees.
This left campers and animals with no escape from the heat.
"We had the AC on in the car and the dogs all in the car with the cat, too. Just trying to keep them cool while we're filling up water balloons and trying to get the water pool filled up for them." 
The owners of KOA Kampground say about 80 families reserved to stay with them.
"It's a big deal on a holiday weekend like this to kick off our summer, and people don't forget. You know hopefully they know we are doing our best and they can understand and they will be back again, but this is a hard thing."
Mid-American told Jamie a tree fell on a power line both Friday and Sunday.
Some families had back-up generators to keep them cool, but for others, the heat was too much. They had to pack up and leave.
"Probably 15-20 people left today and it sucks, people literally got here Friday and are trying to spend time with their families and this place is packed. They offer a lot of amenities. A lot for people to do, and then to have to up and leave because there is no power. It sucks, definitely puts a damper on things." 
Jamie worries it could affect her small business. It's by no means how they hoped to start their season.
"You know, we don't have a choice of who we get our power from and so we have to go with Mid-American. My guests here do have a choice where they are going to camp, and so when we can't provide them an experience that they are expecting, they are going to choose to go somewhere else. So when they say 'ya ya ya, we get it' I don't think they do. This is a big deal." 
Jamie says residents around the area also lost power. It wasn't just the campgrounds. Sunday the power did come back on just before 7pm.

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