Drake University students volunteer to shovel driveways around Drake’s campus

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There's only one in town right now, but he'd love your help.

DES MOINES — A group of Drake University student volunteers is offering free shoveling help to Drake Neighborhood residents now and throughout the winter.

And while many Drake students are still out of town, Sam Wolstenholm, Service Chair for Drake University’s Residence Hall Association, is picking up the slack.

“Since Drake is in J-term right now, there are not many students in town, so it is only me that is doing the shoveling at this point,” Wolstenholm said.

“I plan on doing as many houses as I can on Saturday, but I already have too many houses on a list, so I can’t get to all of them in one day.”

If you’re interested in helping, Wolstenholm welcomes all volunteers.

Whether you’re interested in receiving this service or would like to volunteer, simply email your name and address to sam.wolstenholm@drake.edu.

Wolstneholm added that while not necessary, if residents could lend a snow shovel for volunteers to use at your home, it would be very helpful.

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