Fake $100 bills circulate Newton

Local News

NEWTON – When you walk the streets of Newton, you see that there’s a business on every corner. But what if customers start to use fake $100 bills? It’s happened here before, even at Newton City Hall.

Counterfeit bills turned up at the city hall a few weeks ago, now area businesses are seeing the same thing. The bills looked real, but after closer inspection you could see Chinese symbols on them.

Brandy Conner owns Cardinal Corner, a local ice cream and sandwich shop. She’s been there for 11 years and has fallen for fake money before.

“And I just thought there was a couple of them that just seemed a little thicker, that maybe two were stuck together. They looked pretty good,” Conner said. She told Local 5’s Lakyn McGee that the bills “looked real.”

Newton police say this has been happening for a while. Chief of Police Rob Burdess says local businesses could be carrying around fake money in their registers if they don’t know how to spot it.

“You know, as you’re doing transactions through the day, you’re not really expecting a fake currency. In this case, I’m sure it was with some other bills and they just took it as real,” Burdess said.

There are many ways to check if a bill is real, one of them is a pen. All you do is mark the bill with it, if the mark is an amber color then it is real. If it’s black or brown, it’s fake.

You can also hold up a bill to the light and look for holographic images on the face side. Both images should match and a text will be displayed that shows its denomination. You can compare it to other bills- texture, shape. Also look for microprinting.

If you come across a fake bill, make sure you write down the time and date of when you acquired it. Also make note of the person that passed the bill.

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