Family is desperate for medical marijuana legislation

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DES MOINES – Medical marijuana patients flooded to the statehouse Tuesday.

They’re pushing for legislation that would allow the medicine to be stronger and allow more medical conditions to be eligible for the medical cannabis. 

Local 5 met a family at the capitol who says they need the bill to keep their 5-year-old seizure free.

Abram Miller is a toddler who has been to the statehouse more than most kids. He goes with his mom, Erin, who is begging for more medical marijuana laws. 

“He failed a lot of epileptic medication so we started the cannabis oil, and now that we are two and a half years in, we are finding we need more THC to help him,” said Dallas Center native, Erin Miller.

Abram suffers from UBE2A syndrome.

“Epilepsy, autism, brain abnormalities, a lot of different health issues.”

Thanks to medical marijuana, Abram has been seizure free for 2 years now. But Erin says he does still have some self harming behaviors. She says cannabis oil helps those outbursts be a little more manageable.

“We have added in a third dose at lunch that has helped his issues at school go down, but we are at the cap of what we can legally give him, so we are hoping they lift that cap so we can give him what he needs to help him the most.”

And lawmakers say they are trying to help Abram and the thousands of other Iowans who need medical cannabis.

A senator told Erin to remain positive, they are trying to pass something before session ends. And Erin says she remains hopeful that something will happen.

So far there hasn’t been any movement with either bill.

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